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I've been doing martial arts demo teams since I was four years old, but was always way, way, WAY better at looking like a good fighter than, well, actually being a good fighter. So when my parents made me go to Shakespeare Camp when I was a kid it was a perfect fit that brought me into the world of stage combat and fight choreography. 

Now, I've got over two decades of experience in choreographed fight work, having choreographed and created pieces for professional theaters up and down the East Coast and international films, performed literally hundreds of times, taught at all levels across the country with the National Players, and never not received a recommendation from the SAFD in any weapon discipline. As I type this, I'm choreographing a few high school productions, assisting an SAFD certification class, privately tutoring a Broadway performer, and learning even more weapon disciplines. I'm passionate about the craft, and I can't wait to do more. 

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