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I've written everything from classical waltzes (for Anton Chekov's The Seagull) to 80's cock-rock (for the world premiere of Rob Onorato's Flapjack) to Victorian parlor opera (for the National Players' adaptation of Alice in Wonderland), but my true musical passion is my solo work--I play piano, guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, ukelele, melodica, harmonica, cajon, and a mean triangle. My first studio album, Theories of Motion, is available on iTunes and Spotify, and I'm currently procrastinating on my as-of-yet unnamed second album and Awake Arise, a new musical adaptation of John Milton's Paradise Lost. 
(Please be generous to Theories of Motion, by the way; I made it when I was fifteen and I promise I'm a better musician/person now.)

Edward Tulane in The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, dir. Bob Colby

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